Top 10 Hilarious Differences Between Dogs And Cats

Top 10 Hilarious Differences Between Dogs And Cats

Cats and dogs have always been a controversial topic for everyone who loves animals, especially those who want to raise them. Through their appearance, behavior and even characteristics, we can find some interesting differences between cats and dogs. Let’s take a look at our post and see how accurate we are with your cat or dog!

1 Like a boss or be a boss

You are my dear boss!

If you own a dog, you will definitely know a lot about it. To them, we are super good bosses. Many dogs looked at their owners with wide eyes, in awe of how great and generous they were. Whenever their owners fill their dog bowls with delicious food again, throw out their favorite tennis balls, and serve delicious food, you will see the gratitude in the dog’s eyes.

Oh, I know I am the boss!

Things are not that easy for cats at all. If we give cats food, they will think we think they are kings. Therefore, the cat is just waiting to be fed and will not show any signs of admiration or happiness at all. What must be done, right.

2 Friendliness or coldness

The friend of many friends

Hey i just met you, this is crazy
But this is my number, so call me… friendly, maybe?
Just like it treats its owner, for humans, most dogs really like to be so close to humans, as if they had some kind of connection before. Sometimes, it may be a cute and playful scratch. But in general, dogs show their open-minded personality, their generosity and friendliness!

Seen… and who are you by the way?

Cold and sharp, can be used to describe the cat that meets for the first time. Not as friendly as dogs seem, cats prefer to be quiet, and they are not crowded. It may take a long time for people to make friends with cats. If you do encounter the same situation, please let us know immediately.

3 Bathing Habit

Yayy that’s all I have been waiting for.

You can notice how exciting your dog is whenever it comes to the bathing time. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and perfume, are you ready? Here I come!

No way. Stay away from me!

Obviously, in contrast to dogs, cats are not used to bathing or getting wet. This makes them angry or angry. Cats usually keep themselves very clean, so unless she is really stuck in something sticky or messy, she may not even need a bath. In her opinion, she was probably tortured by her humans for no reason. Cats are also very sensitive to smells, so they may not like the smell of shampoo on fur.

4 Exercising effort

It’s good for our health!

For those who love dogs or dog owners, you will clearly notice that whenever we throw something, it may be a ball or a plate or… a bone, and the dog will try to run fast enough to catch up and bring back the starting point of view. This is something that many other pets consider a complete waste of energy. The puppy may chase every throw with the same enthusiasm.

No thanks, I am so fine. I’m fit enough.

Not all cats are lazy, but most, we think. Compared to dogs, cats do not have the habit of running or chasing things. That might be the reason why we have catwalk, but not dog walk. They do not need to run but just slowly walk, step by step. Eventually, they can reach the place. Is that right, cat lovers?

5 Loneliness or Freedom?

Where’s my man?

Just when you are standing in front of your house, your little cute dog will run out of the house and reach you right away. I have to say that without the presence of the owner, the dog will feel lonely.
Have you ever wondered what your pet is doing when you are away? Wait, keep waiting, wait a few more minutes!

Am I lonely? Of course not! I am so comfortable.

As a well-known more independent pet, cats do not feel empty or bored at all when they are alone at home. In fact, when their human parents are at home, they may even like to be alone and do all the things they are not allowed to do!

6 Hug and Scratch

Come here, buddy!

There is nothing wrong with saying that the dog looks so friendly. In other words, they really want to get our attention and play with us. Even if you wake up a sleeping dog to pet it, it won’t mind. It doesn’t matter if you stroke the dog’s head, back, legs, abdomen or any other available body parts. The dog will love every minute of it.

Do not touch and no touching, please!

Cats are more likely to be touched, especially by unfamiliar people. In fact, touching a cat that is not in the mood to pet is likely to cause annoying scratches! Therefore, please be careful with your hands. You don’t want some new “tattoos” on your hands, do you?

7 Dressing code

How great my clothes are!

After walking around for a few minutes, you will notice that many dogs are dressed stylishly. There is no doubt that dogs tend to have such a good temperament, therefore, they are almost omnipotent. how about you? What do you wear for your pulp?

What have you done to me?

Strange, strange and embarrassing. No matter how cold it is outside, or how much the owner spends to keep his cat warm (and stylish), it will not (and never will) be grateful, or even unhappy at all. So for them, please don’t wear skirts and freestyle!

8 Guilty.. or maybe no!

I’m truly sorry…

Most of you have probably heard of “dog humiliation”, which is one of the cutest and most common moments for dogs. Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, etc., you can find video clips where dogs feel ashamed when they do wrong things. After that, their faces often clearly show guilt. If your dog has ever had this moment, please comment and catch it!

Me? I think I’m not the one.

Cats don’t seem to feel guilty, and the New York Times column discusses this phenomenon in detail. In it, John Tierney said that one of the most common questions he asks readers is whether the cat feels regret or guilt. One reader provided an interesting answer to this question: “They regret not being big enough to eat their breeder.” Another wrote that cats will only regret being caught, not because they did not behave. good. The cat above could have eaten the family’s pet parrot, and she would lie down so satisfied.

9 Train or to be trained

Hi. I am ready for the training course!

Every year, dog owners spend hundreds (or thousands) to train their dogs. Dog obedience training is no joke, and it can quickly become expensive. Despite the high cost, training is a good investment that can help train your puppies to walk without leashes, commands, etc. Training will eventually let your dog know that you are in charge and teach them how to obey you and respect you and others. That’s why you have a police dog, a good partnership

Hello. I need a favor, please!

We rarely hear about cat owners training their feline friends, because unlike dogs, cats train their owners! Whether you want to believe it or not, this is true-your cat may have made you act in a certain way without even noticing it. Take a moment to think about the cat’s life with your cat before and now.

10 Getting muddy, why not?

Yeah, babe! Enjoy the moment with me!

If any prize is to be awarded to the muddy species of the year, the winner will be the dog. They don’t care much about soiling. Just like at a disco party, it’s so cool to feel this moment!

Not my type!

Not rolling around in the mud like a filthy animal, cats prefer cleaning or sometimes constantly lick themselves. In fact, the majority of cats really do spend about 50% of their time cleaning themselves! That’s a lot of hours. Why do they do it so much? Turns out that cleaning has a few benefits: it cools the cat down, it wipes away food odors that could attract predators, and it improves circulation.


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